Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you become a mentor?

You can give us a call at (507) 238-4440! All of our mentors complete an application, in home interview, background check, and training in order to be matched with a mentee. We want to make sure that you feel ready to start this exciting new chapter in your life! We have an online application and link to a pdf version under our mentor tab above!

When would you get started?

First, make sure that you are ready to make at least a one year commitment to meeting a minimum of 2 times a month for a minimum of 3 hours a month with your new friend! We really want to make sure that you are able to complete at least a year as it can be very difficult for mentees to start hanging out with you only to have you not be able to continue after a month or two. The application process typically takes a month or two to complete depending on specific requests of mentors and mentees. We work hard to make sure that you and your mentee will be a good match!

What can you do with your mentee?

You and your mentee get to decide this together! We try to match you based on location and similar interests/backstories! We encourage you to involve your mentees in things that you are already doing that they are interested in as well as to help them try new things. These do not need to be extravagant meeting times! You can go for walks, play at the park, work out at the gym, read books, take a class together (scholarships are available for mentees), go swimming, ride bike, and pretty much anything else you can think of! We also provide group activities that are free for you and your mentee to come to almost monthly. You can check out some of these under our activities section below! In the past we have gone ice skating, played large group games, had a picnic, gone boating, gone horseback riding, had a back to school decorating party, gone bowling, had a Christmas party, and had a yoga class! We are always open to suggestions and have a basketball/workout day and painting class planned for the next few months!

Why should you mentor?

Hear about reasons to mentor from our mentors themselves!

Where can you go for support with your match?

Kinship provides match support to all of its mentors and mentees! Katy, Greg, and Jen are here to help you find local activities to do together, problem solve any issues that might come up, get any additional training, provide activities and networking opportunities for you, and to connect you to community resources! We want to make sure that every match in Kinship is a quality match that has all the support that they need!