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Core Values of

Kinship of Martin County

Celebrate Individual Worth

Those that represent Kinship are empathetic, inclusive, and encouraging to those around them and are intentional about seeking and bringing the out in others.

Hope for the Future

Those that represent Kinship utilize goal setting, knowledge of self, and regular evaluation to propel Mentees, Mentors, staff and board to flourish.

Engage the Village

Those that represent Kinship work as a team with our organization, our county, and each other to network, plan imagine and expand our reach and capabilities

Embrace Enjoyment

Those that represent Kinship will forge connections that center around joy, shared experiences, and interaction to develop positivity and trust in their relationship.


Kinship provides support to youth in Martin County through Mentoring.


Kinship of Martin County will positively impact the lives of our youth by establishing quality relationships with caring volunteers to promote stability, support, and friendship.

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